Caribbean Lounge

The Brisbane made “Caribbean” Lounge Suite is made for sinking into after a long day and reading your favourite book or getting lost in a movie, with its high supportive back and soft seat cushions you may even find yourself dozing off before you know it.

This suite can be made in many combinations, be it traditional 3 seater and 2 seater or a modern corner lounge with a chaise, this suite is versatile enough to create any shape or size to suit your room size and style.

There are hundreds of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from. You can choose to upgrade your foam to make it firmer to reach your comfort requirements.

Being Brisbane made also means no long waits with most lounges being completed in approximately 4 weeks.

Scatter cushions, ottomans or storage ottomans also available.

Available in: 4 seater – 2 arms, 4 seater – 1 arm. 3 seater – 2 arms, 3 seater – 1 arm, 3 seater – no arms. 2.5 seater – 2 arms, 2.5 seater 1 arms, 2.5 seater sofa bed. 2 seater – 2 arms, 2 seater – 1 arm, 2 seater – no arms. 1 seater – 2 arms, 1 seater – 1 arms, 1 seater – no arms. Chaise, 1 arms or 2 arms. Corner.