Lounge World prides itself on delivering our customers furniture manufactured in Australia.

We are proud to have some of the best Australia has to offer on our showroom floor, with manufacturers based in Brisbane, Melbourne and South Australia. We are also happy to say that they use Australian materials in and on their lounge suites from companies such as Warwick Fabrics and Shann Australia. Below are some of the major brands we sell and have on display on our showroom floor…


TESSA: Tessa Furniture has being manufacturing innovative and stunning furniture since 1970 out of Melbourne. Tessa has fast become a household name in Australia. Tessa Furniture is also sold in many countries across Europe. With its smooth lines and timeless style Tessa Furniture is an investment you wont regret.

Lanfranco Furniture has been a leading Australian lounge manufacturer since 1974 in South Australia. Their name can be associated with comfort, quality and sophistication. Lanfranco offer a wide range of lounge suite styles and with those styles hundreds of options. Lanfranco Furniture is an Australian owned company and proud partner of the Australian Made program.

Garstone is a family owned business based in Brisbane, manufacturing award winning furniture. Using only the best materials and techniques to create clean lines and superior upholstery finishes. They are considered a “brand name” in furniture, with many of our customer coming into store requesting to see a “Garstone” lounge suite.

Becson Furniture is a family owned business based in Brisbane, whom specialize in modular and recliner furniture made to shape and size. They pride themselves in using Australian materials. They specialize in Fabric/microfiblre leather upholstery only.


We have a wide variety of lounge suites available in 100% Leather. Lounge World prides itself in having the confidence in their manufacturers that when they say its “100% Leather all over it” it is!

Lounge World DOES NOT sell Lounge suites upholstered in bonded leather or PU. What leather is used? Protected aniline leather is a top grain leather that is dyed for colour and then receives pigment to ensure colour consistency. Without pigment a protected leather is not colour consistent. The pigment also ensures fade resistance and helps the leather wear over time. A clear water based topcoat is applied for additional protection.

The natural imperfections of the hide are also less noticeable. Protected Aniline Leathers are easy to maintain and have maximum resistance to wear, soiling, and fading from light, there for making them ideal for household use. The leather used on lounges is top grain cowhide that complies with Australian specification standards.

SHANN VEGAS: Shann Vegas Microfibre an alternative to Leather we are proud to offer this Australian product, Ideal for household, commercial or medical use, with a variety of colours to choose from Shann Vegas microfiber is a strong affordable product that comes with a 5 year warranty.


WARWICK FABRICS: Warwick Fabrics is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers providing premium quality materials to industry specialists since 1966. Warwick Fabrics offer a huge range of fabrics and textiles in amazing colours and textures. They pride themselves on being on trend with the latest styles and designs.

Charles Parsons Fabrics Established in 1915, Charles Parsons specialize in a diverse range of patterns and textiles used on upholstery and homewares. With a wide range of seasonal and current trend collections, as well as traditional styles, Charles Parsons are one of Australia’s leading interior design fabric suppliers.

Zepel Fabrics With one of the largest collections in Australia, Zepel Fabrics offers style, comfort and quality.

Profile Fabrics is a fabric wholesaler, based in Melbourne, operating sine 1991. They pride themselves in offering fabrics based on supporting the furniture manufacturing trade and re-upholstery market.